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Save over 1/3 on subsea pipeline inspection campaigns and get remediation right first time

Learn how to externally inspect subsea pipelines without removing coatings or deferring productionwebcast_on_screen.jpg

Discovery™ has proven that it can deliver average savings of 35% on the cost of subsea pipeline
inspections. The unique technology allows inspection through coatings whilst the pipe remains online.
This results in reduced vessel time and no deferment of production and revenue. It gives information on the
integrity of your pipeline, highlighting defects with accurate resolution. It can also identify any restrictions
or blockages distinguishing between wax, asphaltene, scale or hydrate, increasing the probability of a
successful remediation campaign. 80% of remediation techniques fail first time so this means significant
savings on the cost of ineffectual treatments which can run into tens of millions of dollars.

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